Lakewood Village POA

A 100% 55+ Senior Community

Welcome to Lakewood Village!

We are located at 4515 Graham Road in Harlingen, Texas. This fabulous 55+ community contains excellent pool and hot tub facilities, a hall, and great people! 

Located in the heart of the beautiful Rio Grande Valley of Texas, Lakewood Village is a mid-size resort community with approximately 250 residents. Some of us live here year-round and some of us are known by that “Winter Texans” designation. The warm, sunny deep south Texas weather is enjoyed by all. Since this community has been designated an “Over 55 Senior Community”, many of us enjoy being fully retired while some of us still enjoy volunteering or being involved in business ventures or other activities. The rest of the time we enjoy many recreational activities from shuffleboard to playing Bingo, cards, mah jongg, playing pool, quilting and swimming and etc.

Board and Committee Members

Lakewood Village Property Owners Association is self-managed. We do not have a third party group or a professional organization to run this association. Instead we manage ourselves with volunteers from our own membership. Our board of directors, our committee members and all of our booster club members are volunteers from our own membership. We are an association of retirees and we gather our own experience and knowledge to manage this association. So we invite you to volunteer in any committee of interest and invite you to consider running for office when the opportunity is available. Thank you

For suggestion on how to make this website better please contact Armando Gutierrez, LWVPOA Secretary